Mind Bend
Record Box Set
Layout Design, Print Design, Typography
Fall 2022
Mind Bend is a multi-faceted psychedelic experience consisting of three parts: Ingestion, Going, and Everything I Needed. Each part is uniquely characterized by the music of three neo-psychedelia artists, Double Virgo, Roy Montgomery, and Ween. The music of these artists features a range of stylistic elements such as heavily filtered guitar riffs, distorted vocals, and poetic lyrics. This genre's diversity is particularly appealing for its capacity to evoke the highs and lows of a psychedelic trip.

The design of the project employs a sun symbol, representing an awakening, and a series of cell-like connecting symbols that capture the newfound connections and discoveries experienced during the trip. The blurred and spotty colors used in the design are inspired by the sounds of the music, offering a visual representation of the artist's auditory experience.

The record covers are printed on inkjet matte paper, while the record labels are made of sticker paper. The project's acrylic box is laser-cut and assembled using acrylic glue. The book is saddle stitched.