Stained Glass
Mixed Media
Type Design, Print Design, Apparel Design
Spring 2023

Stained Glass is a collection that draws inspiration from the regional identity of Oklahoma. The collection employs a range of techniques such as screen printing, laser cutting, sewing, and dying to bring forth the essence of the region

Comprising three distinct elements, the collection blends design and regional identity. The first element, a display typeface, draws inspiration from the symmetrical shapes and language of religious motifs, such as crosses and stained glass.

The clothing collection features handcrafted leather belts and over-dyed sewn t-shirts, designed to showcase the techniques used throughout the collection. Each garment is a testament to the Midwest lifestyle and cultural identity.

The process bible provides insight into the creative journey behind the collection. Additionally, it serves as an archive of the Nightwear brand’s past works, giving the audience a glimpse of the evolution of the brand.