Truth & Disaster
8x10in film, and linen cardstock
Typography, Experimental Type, Book Design
Spring 2022
Truth & Disaster is an experimental book that conducts a comparative analysis of the literary works of Hunter S. Thompson's letter to a friend and Stevie Smith's poem "Not Waving but Drowning". This project entails the selection of two texts, where Stevie Smith's poem illustrates the plight of someone in distress and Hunter S. Thompson's letter imparts life advice. Despite Hunter S. Thompson's apparent knowledgeability and understanding in his letter, his tumultuous lifestyle of drug abuse and alcohol consumption is indicative of his struggles with addiction, as he appears to be waving but is actually drowning.

The book uses a combination of Helvetica and handwritten elements. Stevie Smith's voice is given greater prominence through the use of expressive and experimental typography, whereas Hunter S. Thompson's letter is more conventionally typeset. The juxtaposition of the two texts, evoking a sense of weightiness, compels the reader to confront the harsh reality of the situation despite the profundity of Hunter S. Thompson's advice.

The book is printed on mid-weight linen cardstock for the interior and film for the cover. For the perfect binding I used tyvek, a material commonly found in mailers. The book cover design involved submerging type inside water and scanning multiple images to overlay them. The clear film used for the cover design effectively represents truth through its associations with transparency, clarity, and interactivity. Black and white color schemes were utilized to create a sense of timelessness, balance, and contrast, while the graphic and typographic elements were intended to capture the reader's attention and provide a striking visual experience.

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